Going through countless blog posts to find out what products work best can be overwhelming. I wanted to create this resources page to make it a one-stop shop for all the products, programs, books and apps I use to earn money online.


Because I am Canadian, everything on this page is compatible with people living in Canada. Why is that important? Because over the years I have gotten super excited over some great e-platform only to realize it’s not available in Canada, or just for Americans.


My maple leaf fellows, rest assured if it’s here you can sign up!


See below for a list of some of the resources I use to run this blog and make some extra money online.


 10+ Resources for Blogging & Personal Finance


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Blogging & Related Resources


Bluehost: I have used SiteBlog and Wix and quickly realized those were not working for me. Early in 2017, I switched to Bluehost and I couldn’t be much happier! I wish I had signed up with Bluehost from the get-go, it would have saved me a load of money. If you are confident blogging is for you, sign up with Bluehost. I recommend the 12-month plan for beginners.


Tailwind: I held off on using Pinterest scheduling tools for a while because I wanted first to make sure Pinterest made sense for me. I signed up with Tailwind earlier this year (2017), and I really like it. It is super user-friendly, and it makes scheduling your pins a breeze. I also love their tutorials and weekly tips on how to make the most of this tool.


Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduling tool! It is also the Official Pinning tool for Pinterest!


BoardBooster: As an experiment, I stopped using BoardBooster for a little bit (you can find more about that here). I want to test different strategies with Pinterest in preparation for some upcoming posts. Most people I know swear by BoardBooster, though! I find it great for looping and managing group boards efficiently.


MailChimp: From my research, MailChimp is probably the beginner’s e-mail management system, which is why I use it. If you have just started out with your blog and don’t have major campaigns going on, MailChimp is the free tool you want to get. Yes, it’s free! You only start paying if you go over 2,000 subscribers, which is why it is a cost-free tool for any beginner!


Ninja Outreach: I have just signed up for their CRM software for prospecting and reaching to bloggers. I’m currently using their free 14-day trial and still have to dig deeper into it, but I have been a subscriber to their newsletters for a few months now, and I absolutely love their jam-packed posts on marketing and building online businesses. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter. You can check out their post, The Ultimate List of 34 Guest Post Outreach & Email Marketing Scripts, to have an idea of the solid content they offer.


Online Courses


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: This is an e-course from Michelle, the author and owner of Making Sense of Cents blog. I have been following Michelle since I started considering blogging for profit and I absolutely trust her advice on all things blog-related. I am now a student of this course, and my only issue is that I didn’t take this course earlier! If you’re completely new to blogging or affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you first invest in knowing the in and outs of affiliate marketing with Michelle!




5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning: I took this course from Christina Root at Although I already had some knowledge on the matter – Affiliate Pinning – I still took a few new lessons away from it. I would recommend taking this course if you are absolutely new to Pinterest, or simply have no idea how to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest. If you’re more advanced, I’d recommend going with her advanced courses instead. If you want to read up on it first, here’s one of her posts on How to Create Substantial Income with Pinterest.


5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning_Coupon 10% Off


Mastering Pinterest: I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest, so naturally I had to take yet another course on it. I’m so glad I did! It’s the best course yet! Melissa Riker, owner and creator of the Mastering Pinterest course is amazing at explaining down to the little details that most courses just skip over. She shows from the technical to the conceptual, but most importantly, every strategy I’ve learned from this course has been effective! Even if you have some experience with Pinterest, I tell you, you will learn something super valuable from this course! It’s well worth it! Enroll in Mastering Pinterest here!



The best course I have ever taken on Pinterest! Mastering Pinterest by Melissa Riker (from The Blog Journey) is my #1 recommended course on Pinterest!



Survey Panels


Opinion Outpostis one of my highest paying survey panels. With this survey panel when you see “30 points” you’re looking at $3. Doesn’t sound like much until you realize that for most panels, it would equal $0.03 or $0.30 the most!


Daily Rewards: Although this is more like a digital rewards platform, I only use it for their surveys and email reading features. Payout is at $30, which I reach every couple of months. I do like how they randomly assign you referrals and give you credit for cashing out, which helps towards the $30 payout minimum.


Digital Rewards & Cashback Platforms


Swagbucks: a digital rewards platform that allows you to earn extra money from a variety of tasks. You can watch videos, answer surveys and even shop online. From all digital reward platforms I have tried over the years, this is the only one that has been paying me consistently, without tricks. Now, every time I buy something from Amazon or book a hotel for a vacation, I’m doing it through Swagbucks!


Get $5 bonus for signing up to Swagbucks through my affiliate link!



MobileXpression: monitors my data usage on my iPad and then sends me weekly points that amount to a $5 e-gift card/month to spend on


Ebates: This is a cashback platform, which is perfect for anyone who shops online all the time! You can save some money on your online shopping and put it towards your Ebates payout.


Checkout 51: It’s a cash-back app for your groceries shopping. I have it on my phone and check weekly for new deals on brands and stores like Walmart. Payout is at $20, which is not hard to reach since it’s groceries we’re talking about.




Tangerine: They started out as ING Direct but, in Canada, have been bought by Scotiabank and changed their name. I have been with them for about 10 years now. I switched all my banking to them the moment they started offering regular checking accounts! I have access to my money no matter what and never pay monthly banking fees! Unlike traditional banks, they have a referral program and have the occasional bonus to your interest earnings. Open an account with them using my Orange Key: 17163501S1 and you’ll get $50 welcome bonus!

Note: You will only get the $50 bonus if you enter an Orange Key (mine is 17163501S1) and if you open the account with $100 or more.





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